As the Culture Cloud project draws to its conclusion, the evaluation team are eager to gain as much feedback about the experience as possible from participants.

On one hand this entails questioning as many of the 900+ competition entrants as possible and to this end we’ve mailed all of them with a questionnaire and invitation to feedback to us in detail.

On the other hand we are interested in finding out as much about as many of the voters as possible. There are over 40000 registered ‘likes’ for the shortlisted artworks posted on Artfinder which indicates that the project has attracted a lot of attention. We’ve launched an online questionnaire for voters and encourage each and every one of them to take a minute or two to answer the few questions we’ve set.

The voter questionnaire can be found here.

Respondents are welcome to share this link and to feedback to us directly Рvia this site, or to

Thanks for your participation!

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